It all started with the violin at the age of 6 which gave me direct insight and know-how into classical, orchestral and ensemble music and helped me train my ear.

When the violin became "uncool", I grabbed the guitar and started practicing while our piano at home was being put to good use anyway. I started adding the drums in my first band, as well as other instruments like the saxophone, double bass and electric bass - and a couple more. ;)


I also supervise my artists beyond the production side, dealing with rights issues, social media, promotion leading up to the release of the music and its videos.


No matter what happens, a respectful, open and honest relationship with each other is a fundamental and essential prerequisite for a successful and sustainable cooperation.


Hi there, I'm Chris Fader! I was born and raised in Germany but currently Iā€™m at home all over the world.

I have turned my passion into a career and have been working as a producer, composer and songwriter for more than 5 years now, which - as a multi-instrumentalist - just fell into my lap. šŸ˜‰

This year, 2020, I finally started to compose and produce my own music. Even though I have always enjoyed working as a producer only in the background (and still do!), I now love to be the artist myself and to make my own music completely independently and freely.


After my studies as a sound engineer in Berlin, Germany, I worked in various renowned studios as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer. 

I enjoyed working with a variety of highly gifted musicians from around the world and pushing them to achieve their best performance in the studio. 

I replaced my love for engineering and began focusing on mixing and producing.

I still love working with all kinds of great, interesting and entertaining musicians and the creative process is still a part of my routine. I love to be able to produce and help shape a song from the first to the last note.


Ā© 2020 by Chris Fader.

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